Course Overview – December 15

Welcome to Elon University’s Winter Term 2013 student blog of the “Business and Culture of the Pacific Rim” course!  We are delighted to have you following our journeys and experiences abroad.

The world has seen some dramatic economic and financial changes in the past decade. A key driver Hong Kongof change have been the remarkable growth of emerging economies – in particular the BRIC nations.  Another factor has been the global rise of state capitalism – capitalism driven by state enterprises rather  than private enterprises.  This short term study abroad course delves into these themes through a study of some prominent Asian economies, namely Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Thailand, and Singapore.

Students in this course gain immensely from a deeper understanding of the significant opportunities, and of the challenges, brought about by a flatter, better connected world – with significantly higher future growth prospects in emerging economies as compared to the developed world.  Throughout the program, students will be able to compare their experiences in the Pacific Rim with the U.S.through interactions with business, government, and/or academic leaders in Asia, as well as through cultural field trips, and company visits.

Neeraj Gupta & Wonhi Synn

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