The Flight to HK and First Impressions – January 3-5

Welcome to Business in the Pacific Rim’s travel blog. We have the pleasure of penning our first post, covering our travel to Southeast Asia (24+ hours for many of us), as well as our first day in Hong Kong.

Each of us made our way from home to meet in JKF airport and spent the morning finding ways to pass the time until our 1:50 flight. The ensuing travel, taking 16 hours and crossing 11 time zones was filled with varying combinations of in-flight movies, turbulence-addled sleep and miso soup. As we landed in Hong-Kong, dark clouds kept us from taking in too much of the city. This served to make our ride into the city via bus more exciting as we saw the many futuristic, neon bespoke buildings that dominate the skyline for the first time. We were met by our tour guide, Katie (alternately, Ting-Ting) who described the area surrounding our hotel and outlined the plan for our time in Hong Kong.

After settling into our hotel, many of us decided to retire to their rooms for the evening after the long day of travel, but some chose to venture out and explore our neighborhood. Whether they found themselves in an imitation Irish pub, or gazing across the bay towards downtown Hong Kong, everyone on the trip was eager to see what the first part of our trip had in store for us on the city tour planned for the next morning.

Saturday brought breathtaking sites and perfect weather. Katy and our talented bus driver picked us up at 9:30, and we proceeded to visit the Man Mo temple. The Man Mo temple is a Taoist temple to the gods of Martial Arts and of Literature, and there were many worshippers there during our visit. A few of us even chose to light some incense and get in on the action ourselves.

From there we took a tram up to the Victorian peak, the highest point in Hong Kong (and perhaps the most luxurious as well), which produced the most spectacular view of the entire city. According to Katy, it is the best place to take pictures from, and I think the evidence speaks for itself.

We then moved over to the Waterfront and hopped on a boat at Aberdeen Village. We first took a tour of the boating area, and then ate a delicious lunch of Dim Sum at the Jumbo Floating restaurant. From here we moved over to our final stop, a place on par in luxury with the Victorian peak: Stanley Market/Repulse Bay. There were many shopping areas in this beautiful area by the sea, as well as many restaurants, cafes, bars, etc. We took advantage of each attraction, and took in the amazing views of the water before finally getting back on the bus to head back to the hotel.

Tomorrow is our free day, and we are certainly looking forward to it as many are planning to visit the Big Buddha- a “must-see” attraction according to Katy.

Scott & Kavi


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