An Interesting Adventure with Alex from Macau

On the fourth day of our trip, we left Hong Kong for a day trip to Macau. Our slick haired tour guide named Alex greeted us upon arrival in Macau. He led us to the Ruins of San Paulo in the center of a residential area of the city. Along with the ruin were numerous shops and restaurants for us to explore. This residential shopping area was not very exciting, and aside from passing Asian people thinking Connor was a celebrity it was a pretty uneventful excursion. Next we set out for lunch at the Macau Tower. The lunch offered a large buffet of different cultured cuisine on the 61st floor of the tower, and the revolving floor in the restaurant was an exciting addition. Although none of us took the opportunity to utilize it, the world’s largest bungee jump of 388 meters was another very cool feature of the tower. After a few extra minutes to himself in the café, our tour guide Alex finally realized we were waiting for him to leave and joined back up with the group to continue the tour.

The golden God of Mercy on the coast of Macau was the next event on the grand tour, and since Macau is known as a mixture between Chinese and Portuguese (Macanese), she has different representations of Chinese and Portuguese culture. Encarnacion suggested that we play leap-frog to pass the time given to look at the statue. He was greatly disappointed with the lack of interest in his suggestion.

The last stop was the Venetian casino. Twenty minutes was more than enough time to look around as half of us were not actually able get into the casino. After a long day of travel it was finally time to go back to the hotel. The hotel was quite nice and offered free wifi, which was more important to the group than anything else on the day. Justin and I are ending this blog before our group dinner so lets check out some traditional Macanese food, compliments of Elon, and enjoy the night ahead of us before another travel day that includes a business visit back in Hong Kong. To those who can gamble, may the odds be ever in your favor.  ImageImageImageImage

By elonfinance

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