LiFung Tower and a Farewell to Hong Kong

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Today we had an early start to the day getting up around 7am to prepare for our departure back to Hong Kong on the Turbojet ferry. We started off with a delectable breakfast consisting of a plethora of freshly squeezed juices to ease our painful losses from a night of gambling in Macau. As we arrived at the ferry port there wasn’t much disappointment in giving a farewell to our tour guide, Alex.
We cruised across the South China Sea back to Hong Kong, mentally preparing for our exciting venture to the LiFung Tower to hear the brilliance of Dr. Victor Fung.

After a smooth check in back at the Stanford Hillview, the gang got gussied up for our date with Dr. Fung and the Fung Group. Off we went to take a ride to the LiFung Tower on the impressive Hong Kong subway, which is operated more efficiently and maintained at a higher level of cleanliness than you see in America. Arriving at the LiFung tower we were pleasantly greeted and brought up to a state of the art conference room, which was designed based directly off the blueprints from classrooms at the Harvard Business School. After a brief introduction from Fung Group’s Managing Director, Mr. Chang, we were presented with one of Hong Kong’s most prevalent businessmen, Dr. Victor Fung.

Dr. Fung is the Chairmen of Li & Fung Group, he received his PhD from Harvard Business School while in his mid 20’s and then went on to teach classes at there as well. Dr. Fung gave us an inspirational presentation about the necessity of a relationship between the United States and China for a prosperous future. One thing that stuck out was how he presented the dilemma of comparing nations economies by the aggregate GDP versus the per capita GDP. He used the example of the distribution of a meal between a large group of people (aggregate GDP) versus two people (per capita GDP). The group of two will be eating well, while the thirty will be struggling to survive on the crumbs they are receiving. He used this argument to open our minds to look past the figures and see the true meaning behind them. Dr. Fung emphasized the importance of the U.S. and China having a “non-zero-sum” relationship. Both nations must compromise their differences in order to create a more prosperous and open market between the nations. We strongly encourage anyone unfamiliar with Dr. Fung’s professional career to take a moment to research and find out a little more about his successes and ideas. After Dr. Fung gave his closing words, he was sent off with a warm applause and we proceeded to a delicious array of finger foods.

Following our return to the hotel, we met as a group for a send off dinner at an authentic Chinese restaurant, Serenade, located on the waterside between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. We said our goodbyes to the luxurious and ever-growing Hong Kong and prepared for our early trip to Bangkok the next morning….Roll Tide!!!

Pete Berges and Todd Moylan




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