Elon in Pattaya City

January 16 – After a long day of business visits, the group was searching to find a way to keep with the “work hard, play hard” mentality. After breakfast, which many chose to sleep through, the gang boarded the bus to Pattaya City. On the way there, our guides Angie and Lucky enlightened us on the history and culture of an area much different from Bangkok. Our bus ride proved interesting to say the least, as a few members of our party in the back of the bus were flashed by what appeared to be both a man and a woman! In Bangkok, these members of society are known as, “Ladyboys.” Upon arrival, the group split into two and walked down the pier to our private speedboats. While this may sound like the intro to the new Bond movie, trust us when we tell you they were quite bumpy and not so sexy.
When we got to the beach, our guides gave us a few minutes to walk around before meeting for lunch, which consisted of various Thai dishes and fresh seafood. In Pattaya city, it’s important to check the pulse of your meal!

pinch, pinch, pinch

pinch, pinch, pinch

After lunch, the pack headed to our post on the beach. While some chose to catch some rays on beach chairs, many headed into the water while we enjoyed a few drinks served in a gutted pineapple. When we reached the pruning stage, we headed for the cliffs, which provided a picturesque view of the bay and some sore feet. A few were feeling more adventurous and decided to rent waverunners, Professor Gupta included. As the day came to a close and the group was boarding the vessels, we noticed our fearless guide Angie struggling in the waters of Pattaya. After some assistance, we were safely on the boats and headed towards Bangkok.

– Alex and James

By elonfinance

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