Elon travels to Singapore

Don’t worry blog readers, we made it to Singapore safely. We had a wonderful day of traveling from Bangkok to Singapore. Just a quick two and a half hour flight, and before we knew it, we were in Singapore. Most of the group had tickets to the Sweedish House Mafia concert the night we arrived. They barely made it as some people didn’t even have time to check into their rooms. As for the few people that did not have tickets to the concert, it was a relaxing evening.

We had some time to sleep in, as our city tour did not start until 10 am Friday. Singapore isn’t that big of a city, so we didn’t have as much ground to cover as Bangkok and Singapore. Our first stop was China Town. Singapore’s residents are made up of mostly Chinese, Malaysian, and Indian culture. There were a lot of markets in, China Town, where you could get  souvenirs for cheap prices. There was also the only Chinese Buddhist Temple in Singapore. There were hundreds of Buddha’s that belonged to different families. It was a very beautiful temple.

After China Town we visited the Singapore mosque. They didn’t let us inside but it was still interesting to be there. We walked around the nearby streets and did some shopping. We were only there for a short amount of time and then it was on to the Merlion statue. The Merlion is made up of a lion head and a body of a fish. The lion head represents Singapore’s original name “Singapura” which means lion city. And the fish body represents the origins of Singapore as a fishing village. After the Merlion it was off to lunch in Little India. We ate at this place called the Banana Leaf. It was very spicy food but pretty good. They came out with these huge leaves and we then realized that the leaves were our plates. After lunch we had a few hours before we met again for the night city tour.

We met up for the night city tour in the lobby. We had a tour bus with seats on the top. The view of the city at night was amazing. We went to the Singapore Flyer, which is a huge Ferris Wheel overlooking the city. There was a food court there as well and that is where the group ate dinner. From there we went to a place where we rode a boat around the city and got the best views. We could see every part of the city, it was amazing.

Here are a few photos from our first tour of Singapore:

By Maddison O’Connor and Sam Ferro







By elonfinance

One comment on “Elon travels to Singapore

  1. Hi Paul and group,
    I have enjoyed reading all the blogs. Wow, what an amazing trip.
    Looking forward to seeing you next week. Enjoy Singapore and safe travels.
    Keep on blogging.

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