Singapore Free Days (1/19-1/20)

Hey Readers! Conor and Ted here. After a busy Friday night we decided to go to bed nice and early so that we could wake up for our 7AM jog down the riverfront to start off our two free days in Singapore. After our great exercise we stopped for a quick breakfast at a cultural restaurant named Merry Men before heading back to the iconic Holiday Inn hotel.


In more exciting news some members of the group used this morning to travel to nearby Indonesia, where they enjoyed sun sports and warm beaches over the weekend. Another small group of students chose to rent hotel rooms at the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel, pictured above.


While we chose to remain in Singapore we didn’t waste one minute of our free time. After waking up our friends Sam and Madison we walked to a nearby mall and conversed with locals about current trends and their view on the re-election of President Obama. He was not very popular.


Continuing to immerse ourselves in the fine culture of Singapore the four of us dined at McDonalds for lunch with other members of the group. We decided that we would head to Sentosa beach for the night for a foam pool party with a live local DJ. We had a great time mingling with locals and made a lot of new friends throughout the night but still went to bed at a responsible and reasonable hour as to not sleep in too late on Sunday.



While the rest of the group was still in Indonesia on our second free day those remaining in Singapore split up to conquer the city. Some students decided to catch an afternoon movie at a local theatre while others explored the high end shopping on Orchard Road downtown. Paige and Matt got a small group together to visit Sentosa Island, making the best of the rainy weather and visited the southern most point in continental Asia. Sam, Ted and I chose to visit the Singapore Zoo, which featured many species of animals including the photographed white tigers and manatees above.


Sunday evening several small groups split up for dinner, except for a select few who returned from Indonesia because they were unfortunately not feeling well. (Don’t worry parents, they are OK!) After dinners in Clark Quay, Robinson Quay, and a few room service orders the group started to prepare for the academically stimulating business visits scheduled for tomorrow morning.

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